Can Swift card be used on a train?

Can Swift card be used on a train?

Train. You cannot use pay as you go Swift cards on trains. You can only use a Swift card with a season ticket on it. You might need to show your Swift photocard during your journey.

Can I use my bus pass on the train to London?

Key points about London’s buses The transport passes that nearly everyone uses, Oyster and Travelcard, allow you to travel seamlessly across all modes of transport, bus, Underground, train and DLR using the same ticket/pass.

Does bus pass work on Nottingham trams?

Only Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council issued passes are valid for free travel on trams. Pass holders from other council areas need to purchase a concession return tram ticket from the tram stop ticket machines.

Can a bus pass be used anywhere in the UK?

Where can I use my bus pass? Your bus pass is valid for use on all registered Bus services within England, so if you are visiting other places you should be able to use your pass. It is not valid in Wales* or Scotland.

Can I use my national bus pass on Birmingham trams?

Yes you can but remember to scan on before you get on the tram there’s a machine at every tram stop if you don’t you could be fined.

Is there a Swift card app?

You can download the app from Google Play (opens in a new tab) and from the App Store for iOS devices. You can use this app to collect credit and tickets to your Swift card. This means you do not need to visit an on-street collector. You can download the Swift collector app from the App Store.

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Can I use my UK bus pass in London?

People who live in Greater London can use their passes on buses, the Tube and some overground train services. Passes issued outside Greater London are valid only on London buses. So, unless you pay, you will be denied the pleasure of travelling underground in temperatures that would make it illegal to transport cattle.

Can I get my Swift card on my phone?

Swift on Mobile app You can use this app as a Swift card on the tram. It is only available on Android. To use your ticket: Buy your ticket and choose to save it to Google Pay.

Does Swift card expire?

Swift Cards cannot be used to purchase a child-specific Season Ticket after the expiry date which is printed on the front of the Swift Card. Child-specific Season Tickets loaded to the Swift Card prior to the expiry date can still be used until they expire if they remain valid after this date.

Can you use Swift card in London?

Fares, rail policy and DfT news The Swift cards, already used on the region’s buses and trams, are now operating on London Midland, Virgin, Chiltern and CrossCountry services, with 3,000 passengers currently signed up to the direct debit scheme.

Do Swift cards work on all buses?

Bus. You can use your Swift card on most buses, but some depend on whether you’re using a season ticket or pay as you go. Check with the bus operator to make sure you can use your card on the bus you need to take.

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Can a NI bus pass be used in England?

No a pass issued in England cannot be used in Northern Ireland just as a pass issued in Northern Ireland cannot be used in England.

Do I need to activate my Swift card?

Register your Swift card If you have bought a pay as you go Swift card, you should register it online so you can: top-up your Swift card online.

How long does a Swift card take to arrive?

within 7 working days

Can you use a West Midlands bus pass on diamond buses?

West Midlands Zone passes are valid for travel on all* Diamond services within the West Midlands Zone.

Can I use my English bus pass in Scotland?

No. English bus passes are not accepted in Scotland and vice versa. Only passes issued by City of Edinburgh Council work on the trams as they’re funded by the council. Other Scottish passes aren’t accepted on the trams.

Does Swift card work on diamond?

You can now purchase selected Diamond Bus Passes on Swift smart card. Swift is the easy and flexible way to buy public transport tickets and passes on a smart card in the Midlands.

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