Does Planet Fitness ever waive annual fee?

Does Planet Fitness Ever Waive Its Annual Fee?

Are you thinking about joining Planet Fitness but hesitant about committing to the annual fee? Well, you’re in luck because the answer is yes! Planet Fitness does occasionally waive its annual fee for certain promotions and offers.

One way to potentially have the annual fee waived is by signing up during a promotional period. These promotions can vary by location and time, so be sure to check with your local Planet Fitness to see if they have any current offers. Additionally, some Planet Fitness locations offer a waived annual fee for first-time members.

Another way to have the annual fee waived is by providing proof of student or military status. Many Planet Fitness locations offer discounted memberships for students and military personnel, which can include waiving the annual fee. Be sure to bring your student ID or military ID with you when signing up for your membership.

It’s also worth noting that Planet Fitness offers a variety of membership options, including the popular “Black Card” membership. This membership includes access to all Planet Fitness locations, as well as additional amenities such as tanning and massage chairs. If you’re looking for even more perks, the Black Card membership may be worth the annual fee.

In summary, the annual fee at Planet Fitness can be waived through promotions, first-time member offers, student and military discounts, and by choosing the Black Card membership. Don’t let the annual fee deter you from joining the gym and reaching your fitness goals. Contact your local Planet Fitness today to see what offers and promotions they have available.

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