Does Planet Fitness waive startup fee?

Does Planet Fitness Waive the Startup Fee?

Are you looking to join a gym but feeling discouraged by the high startup fees? Look no further than Planet Fitness! Not only do they offer affordable monthly memberships, but they also have the option to waive the startup fee.

At Planet Fitness, they understand that starting a new fitness journey can be intimidating and costly. That’s why they offer a Judgment Free Zone for all members, where you can feel comfortable and confident in reaching your fitness goals. They also offer the PF Black Card membership, which includes perks such as access to all locations, free guest privileges, and the waiving of the startup fee.

But that’s not all! Planet Fitness also offers a Free Fitness Training program for all members, where certified trainers will work with you to create a personalized workout plan and provide ongoing support. With this added benefit, you’ll have the tools and guidance to make the most out of your membership and reach your fitness goals.

Don’t let the startup fee hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Sign up for a PF Black Card membership at Planet Fitness and take advantage of the waived startup fee and all the other amazing benefits they offer. Make the commitment to yourself and join the Judgment Free Zone today!

  • Waived startup fee with the PF Black Card membership
  • Access to all locations with the PF Black Card membership
  • Free guest privileges with the PF Black Card membership
  • Free Fitness Training program for all members
  • Judgment Free Zone for all members
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Don’t wait any longer, visit Planet Fitness website and become a member today!


Author: superwhat