How does string trimmer auto feed work?

How does string trimmer auto feed work?

The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) is the technologically advanced line feed system found on Black & Decker string trimmer products. Using centrifugal force, the system monitors the amount of line being used and feeds more line automatically as the cutting line shortens.

What CC is a weed eater?

42.7cc Weed Eater Gas Powered 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger, 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer with 2 Detachable Head for Trimming Grass/Weed.

How do you string a works Weedeater?

How do you feed the line on a Worx trimmer?

What is a weed eater called?

A string trimmer, also called a weed eater, weed whacker, weedwacker, weed whip, line trimmer, brush cutter, whipper snipper (in Australia, and Canada) or strimmer (in the UK and Ireland), is a garden tool for cutting grass, small weeds, and groundcover.

How does a bump feed grass trimmer work?

What is command feed on a strimmer?

Just press the button to get more line. No bumping, no auto-feed “guessing” when you need more line. You’re in command.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a weed eater?

The main difference between weed eaters and blade trimmers is the way that each of these cutting devices is used. That is, weed eaters use a monofilament material line for cutting through the grass, while the blade trimmers use plastic or metal blades for cutting purposes.

How do you Respool a trimmer line?

How do I adjust the head on my Worx trimmer?

How do you string a self feeder Clipper?

How does trimmer bump feed work?

Bump feed electric weed eaters With a bump feed weed eater, when you press the head of your trimmer against a flat surface, it squeezes a spring in the head of the string trimmer. This action releases string from the spool so you have a line with which you can cut down debris.15 Jul 2020

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What does auto feed trimmer mean?

Automatic-feed string trimmers utilize an automatic-feeding system that pushes more line out whenever it gets too short. These different line-feeding systems have their own positives and drawbacks and, depending on your needs, will fit a wide array of trimming necessities.

What size string does a Worx trimmer use?

approximately 0.065”

What do you use weed eater for?

Weed whacking is an integral component of yard maintenance, especially in the spring and summer. A weed whacker, also known as a weed eater or trimmer, uses a spinning wire to cut overgrown grass and brush in a small area.

What is the difference between WA0004 and WA0010?

The WA0004 and the WA0010 are the same spools, the package size is the difference. The WA0004 provides you with only 2 spools, while the WA0010 is a six-pack. Thank you for choosing Worx!

How do I turn the head on my Worx trimmer?

To turn the cutting head for edging mode, look for the black locking collar and orange clip on the shaft of the trimmer. Open the orange clip and twist the shaft/handle. For trimming, twist the handle so it is perpendicular to the cutting head. For edging, twist the handle parallel to the cutting head.

How do I change the string on my weed whip?

What does CC mean in weed eaters?

cubic centimeters

Are all weed eaters string?

Weed eaters are an essential piece of a well-rounded lawn care tool collection, and thanks to their rotating string, can cut, tear, and slice through all kinds of grass and vegetation. Although these strings might look the same from afar, not all weed eater strings are created equal.

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