How many Walking Dead shows are there?

How many Walking Dead shows are there?

The Walking Dead Television Universe, also known as the TV Universe, is a series of The Walking Dead media that is canon within the same universe as the original TV Series. The universe consists of eight television shows, three films, eight webisode series, three video games, and a podcast.

Who is going to be in Tales of The Walking Dead?

“Tales of the Walking Dead” is a six-episode episodic anthology series that will feature both new and established characters from “The Walking Dead” universe. Previously announced cast members include Anthony Edwards, Jillian Bell, Terry Crews, Daniella Pineda, Parker Posey, and Poppy Liu among others.Apr 1, 2022

Who’s going to be in Tales of The Walking Dead?

Just two weeks later, Tales of the Walking Dead added six more faces to the show: Olivia Munn (Violet), Danny Ramirez (The Falcon & The Winter Soldier), Loan Chabanol (Fading Gigolo), Embeth Davidtz(Old, Ray Donovan), Jessie T. Usher (The Boys) and Gage Munroe (Nobody).3 Apr 2022

How many Walking Dead Webisodes are there?

6 webisodes

Where can I watch The Walking Dead Webisodes?

Season 1 cast of twd

Where can I watch The Walking Dead for free?

Currently you are able to watch “The Walking Dead” streaming on Netflix, AMC, DIRECTV, fuboTV, AMC+ Amazon Channel, AMC+ Roku Premium Channel, Spectrum On Demand or for free with ads on The Roku Channel.

How many Walking Dead series are there?


Where can I watch TWD Webisodes?

Walking Dead cast from season 1View 3+ more

Where can I watch Tales of The Walking Dead?

Where can I stream Tales of the Walking Dead? The series will be available on AMC+ in sometime in 2022.

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What’s next for The Walking Dead universe?

The latest spin-off of The Walking Dead universe to be announced is Isle of the Dead, which will star the unlikeliest duo Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in a six-episode series.30 Mar 2022

Is there going to be a spin off of The Walking Dead?

Zombie moviesView 3+ more

How many Walking Dead spin offs are there?

The Walking Dead had already led to the creation of two spinoffs before it left the air and now AMC seems content to produce many more.

How many different Walking Dead series is there?

Here they all are. The letter F. “The Walking Dead” is ending in 2022 but has spawned many spinoff series.13 Mar 2022

Is Tales of the Walking Dead out?

Tales of the Walking Dead is an upcoming American post-apocalyptic horror drama anthology television series created by Channing Powell that is set to premiere on AMC in mid-2022.

What Walking Dead spin offs will there be?

Isle of the Dead (Maggie and Negan Spinoff) That’s right: Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will headline this new show. Isle of the Dead will feature six episodes and is set to premiere in 2023. Eli Jorné will serve as showrunner.

What are the two spin offs of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond was an interesting experiment for the franchise. While the flagship series and Fear kind of just dragged along indeterminately, World Beyond had an ending point in mind of 20 episodes spread out over two seasons.11 Apr 2022

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