Is Texas undefeated?

Is Texas undefeated?

1 Texas remains undefeated with gritty 1-0 win over Alabama – Burnt Orange Nation.

What year did Kansas beat Texas?


When was the last time Texas football lost 5 games in row?

Only in three previous seasons have the Longhorns lost five or more games in a row. The 1938 and 1956 teams each have the longest streak, at eight games. The Longhorns also lost five games in a row in 1936.

When was the last time Texas football lost 4 in a row?


Has Texas football ever lost 6 in a row?

Losing streak Texas has now lost six straight games, marking the longest such streak since 1956, when the Longhorns dropped eight in a row to end the season.20 Nov 2021

How many wins does Texas football have?

Their home games are played at Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. With over 900 wins, and an all-time win–loss percentage of . 705, the Longhorns rank 3rd and 7th on the all-time wins and win–loss records lists, respectively.

Has KU football ever won at Texas?

— The last time the Kansas Jayhawks beat the Texas Longhorns in football was an overtime win in Lawrence in 2016.

How many bowl wins does Texas have?

Trailing only Alabama (45), Georgia (34) and USC (34). Texas has won 13 bowl games since 2000, including four BCS/NY6 games.2 Jan 2022

When was the last time Texas lost 5 in a row?


Has Kansas football ever beat Texas?

The Kansas Jayhawks beat Texas. In football. Again. In the final matchup between the two programs as conference rivals, head coach Lance Leipold led KU to its first-ever victory in Austin, set a school record for points scored against the Longhorns and nearly dropped 60 on one of college football’s flagship programs.15 Nov 2021

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Has Kansas football ever won at Texas?

The previous two Kansas wins over Texas were separated by over a century. In the teams’ inaugural meeting, Kansas won, 12–0, in 1901, then didn’t win again until a 24–21 victory in 2016.

Has Kansas ever beat Texas in Austin?

For the first time ever, the Jayhawks won a game in Austin, knocking off the Longhorns 57–56 in overtime in one of the most wild results of the season. Texas scored a touchdown on its first possession of OT, followed by a Kansas touchdown shortly after.

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