What smell is Tommy Hilfiger?

What smell is Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. Tommy was launched in 1995. Tommy was created by Annie Buzantian and Alberto Morillas. Top notes are Mint, Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lavender; middle notes are Granny Smith apple, Cranberry and Rose; base notes are Cotton Flower, Cactus and Amber.

What does the girl by Tommy Hilfiger smell like?

A refreshing and energetic scent with top notes of black currant, mandarin orange and apple tree blossom; middle notes include honeysuckle, lily, violet, mint, grapefruit, lemon and rose; base notes are magnolia, leather, sandalwood, jasmine and cedar.

What are considered masculine scents?

A masculine fragrance is usually a fragrance with a woody, green, smokey, or spicy scent with a heavy emphasis on the base notes of the fragrance.

What does Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger smell like?

Tommy opens up with an intense blast of the fruit notes: grapefruit, apple, and cranberry with a healthy dose of mint popping through. At first, it is really fresh and crisp, but later it will turn more into an apple pie accord with warm cinnamon and amber.17 Jan 2021

What does Tommy Bahama island life smell like?

Island Life for Him by Tommy Bahama is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Island Life for Him was launched in 2014. Top note is Bergamot; middle note is Nutmeg; base note is Cedar.

Is Tommy Girl unisex?

main accords. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Tommy Girl was launched in 1996. The nose behind this fragrance is Calice Becker.

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What does Tommy Bahama St Barts smell like?

With a bracing and refreshing blend of island-inspired scents, our Set Sail St. Barts cologne spray treats you to the essence of the Caribbean. Made with an exhilarating blend of sea vine, guava nectar and blue agave tequila, it lets you experience that on-the-beach sensation any time of year.

What makes a fragrance aquatic?

Aquatic scents will often use ‘saltier’ ingredients such as seawood, oakmoss or cedarwood to achieve a marine freshness. For example, the base notes in Sel Marin by Heeley, an unsurpassed aquatic, evoke thoughts of vetiver, cedarwood and birch drying in the warm Mediterranean sun.8 Apr 2019

What does Tommy Bahama Martinique smell like?

Seriously, you get a smooth and creamy scent from the blue lavender note and some musk, which is dotted with a hint of citrus from the bergamot. That is what the opening of this cologne smells like to me. The bergamot’s sharpness is really tempered by the aquatic type of notes, lavender, and musk.6 Jan 2021

Is Tommy now unisex?

Tommy Now Them Unisex Fragrance 3.4oz | Tommy Hilfiger.

What does the Tommy Hilfiger perfume smell like?

It is described as a refreshing, energetic floral fragrance, with low notes of sandalwood and heather. The top notes for this fragrance are: Camellia Flowers, Apple Blossoms, Blackcurrant, and Mandarin.8 Dec 2010

Is Tommy Hilfiger unisex cologne?

Although the fragrance has been on the market for 24 years, it looks like a modern, young fragrance to me. The 24 years just don’t fit Tommy! Conclusion: A really beautiful fragrance, unisex suitable, with fruity accents and with good durability & sillage.

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What does marine smell like in perfume?

Oceanic or marine perfumes capture the aromas of natural water such as the sea and ocean, lakes and rivers, as well as the bracing sea or clifftop air. They can be made even more complex with hints of corresponding nature, such as driftwood, coastal trees and earthy sand.

Is there a perfume that smells like the ocean?

Salvatore Ferragamo Oceani di Seta Eau de Parfum Oceani di Seta is one of the best perfumes that smell like the ocean and blooming magnolia trees growing on its coast. Notes: Salt Accord, Magnolia, Heliotrope.

What does Blue Marine smell like?

Bleu Marine Pour Lui was created by Martin Gras and Raymond Chaillan. Top notes are Green Notes, Basil, Bergamot, Clary Sage and Artemisia; middle notes are Cinnamon, Carnation, Patchouli, Jasmine, Cedar, Geranium and Caraway; base notes are Oakmoss, Leather, Labdanum, Amber and Benzoin.

Does Tommy Hilfiger have perfume?

Designer Tommy Hilfiger has 81 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1995 and the newest is from 2021.

What does Tommy Bahama woman smell like?

Tommy Bahama for Her by Tommy Bahama is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Tommy Bahama for Her was launched in 2013. Top notes are Honeysuckle, Mandarin Orange and Apple; middle notes are Heliotrope, Floral Notes and Gardenia; base notes are Praline, Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk.

What does Tommy summer smell like?

main accords Tommy Summer 2021 by Tommy Hilfiger is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Tommy Summer 2021 was launched in 2021. Top notes are Ginger, Cardamom and Orange; middle notes are Clary Sage, Violet Leaf and White Pepper; base notes are Ebony, Vetiver and Patchouli.

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