Whats the app that can guess anything?

Whats the app that can guess anything?

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.

Can you download Akinator on PC?

Akinator is an entertainment game developed by Elokence SAS. BlueStacks app player is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience! Play Akinator on PC and enjoy this entertainment game from the large and gorgeous display on your PC!14 Apr 2022

Is there another app like Akinator?

There are three alternatives to Akinator for Online / Web-based, Windows, iPad, iPhone and Java Mobile. The best alternative is 20 Questions, which is free. Other great apps like Akinator are Guess The Dictator/Sit-Com Character (Free) and ProbQA Interactive Recommendation Engine for Games (Free, Open Source).

Can you play Akinator on Google?

Akinator – Apps on Google Play.

What is the trick behind Akinator?

Akinator’s goal is to guess a real or fictional characters. To guess the character the player is thinking, Akinator asks a series of questions and the player can answer with ‘Yes’,’ Don’t know’, ‘No’, ‘Probably ‘and ‘Probably’ not , then the program determines the best question.24 Jun 2020

Can we play Akinator on mobile?

Akinator lets you to create your own user account. It will record the Aki Awards you’ve won, the accessories you’ve unlocked and your Genizs’ balance. They will follow you everywhere now, even if you change your mobile device.

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Is Akinator secure?

Yes, Akinator is safe because it doesn’t ask for your information and we also don’t have to register to play. However, Akinator is rated for people 12 and older but there are some people younger who play this game. There is some mature and sexual content that shouldn’t be exposed to children.Aug 7, 2021

How does the Akinator app know everything?

The genius Akinator uses artificial intelligence to guess the actor, singer, fictional character, celebrity, etc. you have in mind. During gameplay, Akinator attempts to determine real-life or fictional characters in the mind of the player by asking several questions in the game.

When did Akinator become popular?

Series Information It is an artificial intelligence program that can find and learn to ask suitable questions to the player. Created by three French programmers in 2007, it became popular worldwide in November 2008, according to Google Trends.

How do you get Akinator on Google 2021?

Similar games like AkinatorView 2+ more

Is Akinator Japanese?

Akinator is an online game and mobile app by French company Elokence.com based on the game known as Twenty Questions that attempts to determine which character the player is thinking of by asking them a series of questions.

Does Akinator use machine learning?

Machine learning does pretty well in the case of Akinator, but the more common ways we are starting to use ML requires the ability to process and learn from less structured data and/or much larger search spaces.

Does the Akinator cheat?

Does Akinator Cheat? Without a doubt, this seems like a cheat, if not magical. However, it’s not. The fact is, Akinator depends on its enormous algorithm, and through asking questions, it follows it to discover the right answer.

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Is Akinator available offline?

-Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan.

Who is behind Akinator?

Akinator is a video game developed by French company Elokence. During gameplay, it attempts to determine what fictional or real-life character the player is thinking of by asking a series of questions (like the game Twenty Questions).

When was Akinator made?


Can u play Akinator online?

Akinator. This extension allows you to play Akinator online and give you access to our game library for immediate game play.12 Jan 2021

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