What’s the difference between Dofus and Wakfu?

What’s the difference between Dofus and Wakfu?

Wakfu features a turn-based combat system similar to Dofus, it also contains elements inspired by tactical RPG. Players walk around with the screen scrolling while they move, as opposed to Dofus where the camera is static and characters move to a new area by walking to the edge of the current screen.

Are Dofus and Wakfu related?

Wakfu and Dofus are very similar games. They are literally sequels and are related in almost every way. Same classes and a lot of the same monsters (which have evolved a bit in Wakfu.)26 Oct 2014

Can you play Wakfu for free?

Wakfu is free to play, only specific areas are closed off from the free to play players. 95% of the game world is open to everyone and only the very end game is p2p closed off. But at that point in the game, you should just get a booster.10 Nov 2018

What is Wakfu anime about?

The Brotherhood of the Tofu. Yugo is a 12-year-old Eliatrope who recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find his true family.

Is wakfu f2p 2021?

Wakfu is not free to play, is pay to play.10 Nov 2018

How many dragons are in Wakfu?


Is Yugo the last Eliatrope?

The old dragon explained how Yugo was actually the last living Eliatrope in the World of Twelve, the others killed or sealed away during the Mechasm invasion.

What is Yugo from Wakfu hiding under his hat?

Under the hat In the very last episode of the second season, Yugo removes his hat while in the timeless dimension, followed by all of the lost Eliatrope children. The viewer can finally see that Eliatropes have small wings on their head, made of pure Wakfu.

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Will Yugo grow up?

Season 4. Yugo will return will Wakfu, Season 4, which is the final season in the series. Its revealed that he has become an adult and once again became king of the Eliatropes.

Is Yugo immortal Wakfu?

Semi-Immortality – Like his Eliatrope and Dragon Siblings, Yugo is semi-immortal and can potentially live forever. He can still die but should he physically perish his Wakfu (soul) returns to the Eliatrope Dofus he shares with his Dragon twin brother Adama├».

What is Eliatrope Dofus?

The Eliatrope Dofus are in a distinct category from the rest for a few reasons. First, they were all laid by the Great Dragon after his second union with the goddess Eliatrope. Second, in addition to giving birth to a Dragon, the eggs also contain an Eliatrope twin.

Who is Yugo girlfriend in Wakfu?


Who are the 12 gods in Wakfu?

The Gods and Goddess are: Cra, Ecaflip, Eniripsa Goddess, Enutrof, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Sadida, Sram, and Xelor.

What is the World of 12 from Wakfu?

The World of Twelve is the planet at the center of most of Ankama’s products. It is also the only named planet so far. According to the origin texts in the Found Fragments in-game books (Dofus), this name may also encompass the solar system around it, though usage seems to limit it to the planet itself.

What are the primordial Dofus?

The Primordial Dofus were created by six dragons, all offspring from the three dragons which were God Osamodas’s companions: the elemental dragon Spiritia, the black dragon Ourinigride and the white dragon Helioboros. The dragons you see with Ogrest are the dragons which are tied to the Primordial Dofus.23 Feb 2015

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Is Oropo a Yugo?

She states that Oropo is nothing like Yugo because the defining difference between them is that for all his mistakes Yugo would sacrifice himself before letting harm befall his loved ones.

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