Who is the district attorney of Virginia?

Who is the district attorney of Virginia?

Jessica D. Aber is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA). As U.S. Attorney, Ms. Aber supervises the prosecution of all federal crimes and the litigation of all civil matters in which the United States has an interest.

Which is the chief lawyer for the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Hamel. The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes all felony, driving under the influence cases and many other misdemeanor criminal cases in the General District, Juvenile and Domestic Relations District and Circuit Courts.

Who is the commonwealth attorney of Fredericksburg VA?

Jenkins – Biography. Ms. Jenkins has been a resident of the Fredericksburg area for 30 years, and has served as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Fredericksburg since 2008.

Who is the current commonwealth attorney for Fairfax County?

Attorney Steve Descano

What does the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney do?

The primary duty of each commonwealth’s attorney is to prosecute all felonies and misdemeanors charged under the Code of Virginia occurring in his or her locality. In other states, this position is often named “district attorney” or “state’s attorney.”

Who is Virginia’s chief legal officer?

Virginia Attorney General Jason S. Miyares has named a new top lawyer for the University of Virginia three months after firing the previous university counsel for the state flagship school in a shake-up some viewed as political.5 days ago

What is a commonwealth attorney in Virginia?

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is an elected official charged with protecting the community through the application of criminal law. In the courts, the Commonwealth’s Attorney and Deputy and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys represent the Commonwealth of Virginia- meaning they are responsible to the whole community!

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Who is the commonwealth attorney for Prince William County?

Amy Ashworth

Who is the commonwealth attorney in Virginia?


What is Va Commonwealth Attorney?

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is an elected official who is the chief law enforcement officer of a city, town, or county within Virginia. The office, as established by the Virginia Constitution and Code of Virginia, has a primary duty to prosecute all felonies and most misdemeanors charged within the jurisdiction.

Who is the commonwealth attorney in Fredericksburg Virginia?

Libby K. Humphries –

Who is the commonwealth attorney for Hampton?

Attorney Anton Bell

What is the responsibility of the commonwealth’s attorney in Spotsylvania?

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is responsible for coordinating the criminal prosecution in the County’s three courts, as well as appeals to the Court of Appeals.

Who is the district attorney for Fairfax County VA?

Steve Descano

How many prosecutors are in Virginia?

120 elected

Who is the commonwealth attorney in Spotsylvania VA?

Attorney Travis D. Bird

Is the commonwealth attorney in Virginia elected?

The Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney is created by the Constitution of Virginia and is filled by election every four years during the local government election cycle. The Commonwealth’s Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Official in the jurisdiction in which he is elected.

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